Sapper of the 42nd Royal Highlander regiment of foot "Black Watch" & a french infantryman, 1815

Article: VD-54003(M)

Size: 54 mm (1/30)

Sculpted by: Vladimir Danilov

Painted by: Julia Moshura

Number of parts: 15

Date release: 07-2021

  • Material:
Price: 3600.00 RUB
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Retreat from Russia, 1812: French hussar vs russian peasant woman.

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Worlds Of Fantasy: Priestess

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Non-commissioned officer (NCO) of the Palace Grenadier Company, Russia 1848

Article: OP.60.093
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Officer of the Saxon cuirassier regiment "fon Zastrow", 1810-13

Article: CHM-54256
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Standard-bearer of cuirassier regiments, Russia 1812-14

Article: CHM-54255
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plus shipping


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